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A business journey from Rs 25k to 40Cr with Snapdeal!

Bringing to you the story of a Mumbai based Snapdeal seller who decided to carve his own entrepreneurial path inspite of a well established family business. He was only 16 when he started dreaming of having a business that he would build from scratch. Undeterred by the many challenges he came across, Bhavesh continued to take everything in his stride and set up his online business in Fashion Jewellery with only Rs 25000 in 2012. His story is an inspiration to many young aspiring entrepreneurs who are determined to make a mark for themselves. 

I was the 4th generation to take on our Family precious jewellery business 

My family business is of precious jewellery and I am the 4th generation pursuing this legacy. I joined the business when I was only 16! I learnt a lot about customer preferences, customer interactions and vendor partnerships. I wanted to absorb it all in and understand the industry. I also picked up a job in a Diamond Trading company,  to get a hands-on experience in handling a large scale business. Setting up a low margin high risk business of my own was not something I was comfortable doing. I was rearing to find something more stable without compromising on scalability.  We were visiting Delhi and I accompanied my Uncle who was a Snapdeal seller in the Home and Kitchen category. I was overwhelmed by the quantitative magnitude they were forecasting for the upcoming sale season. This made me think and change gears. With only Rs. 25000 and 75 SKUs,  I decided to take the plunge immediately and registered myself on Snapdeal in 2012 under the brand name “Sukkhi” in Fashion Jewellery.

Within 5-6 hours of my products going live, I received my first order and soon my daily orders moved from 10 to 20 to 50. It was heartening to expand at such a pace. The numbers were increasing and it was time to build a team who could manage the expanding operations.

The Snapdeal team visited my Mumbai office and spent time understanding the business, our systems, processes and suggested ways to truly optimise and scale the business online. They introduced us to new products/designs, ways to arrive at strategic pricing, customer preferences and product presentation.  I got valuable insights which helped me to make changes in our internal processes and thereon witnessed immense growth within the next 2-3 months receiving close to 300-400 orders per day and so on. In fact during our first Diwali with Snapdeal our  inventories were totally stocked out and for 5 days. We could have never imagined these sale figures in our business.  Soon our orders scaled upto 1000-1500 orders a day and today we do more than 50L of monthly sales on the platform!

The best thing I like about Snapdeal is the 2-way communication with the team. Working with the team is like interacting with engaged business partners. We feel heard and our suggestions are always welcome. Not all ideas or thoughts maybe feasible to execute for the team but an open mind is what we really value. The payment structure at Snapdeal is simple and transparent. The technology leaves no scope for ambiguity. The panel is straightforward and one can easily make out the various deductions and the total payout amount. However, if there are any queries around reconciliations, the tickets can be easily raised and the same are resolved within a week’s time.

It has been a wonderful journey with Snapdeal. They have played a vital role in giving our brand “Sukkhi an identity. We believe that are miles to go for our brand and we look forward to our growth trajectory with Snapdeal. Our efforts and focus on high quality assortment continues as we look forward to yet another interesting festive season ahead.

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