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3 Ways How Women Can Style Shoes with Every Outfit!

One of the golden rules of fashion says – ‘Shoes can break or make an outfit!’ In today’s fashion-driven world, the saying holds true to a large extent. Your overall look is determined by the right pair of footwear.

But the never-ending search for the perfect footwear can be exhausting!

Nevertheless, all this mind mapping & brainstorming to find the right footwear for your outfit can be put to a simple solution- Shoes for Women.

Whether you’re planning outfits for the upcoming winter wedding season or looking for something fancy for your next birthday celebration. You can simply find ways to add some extra comfort to your look without compromising on style!

Any fashionable woman would know that her attire alone cannot give her an impressive dressing style! Accessories are equally vital & when it comes to accessorizing your outfit, shoes top the list. Gladly there’s a shoe for every occasion.

Here are 3 cool tips that will help you style women’s shoes with every outfit:-

Add White Shoes to your Shoe Rack

A pair of white shoes for women can never go wrong! You can easily wear them with all types and tones of dresses, be it formal work wear or a heavy lehenga. White shoes go with everything and can be worn at any time of year.

The reason why they can be worn with anything is that white is a neutral and versatile color that can be easily blended with other colors. Moreover, white shoes for women can create a balance in their look by adding a relaxed attitude to a statement piece or by making their casual look effortless!

So ladies if you haven’t got yourself a pair of white women’s shoes yet, buy them today. And if you are in search of it, Snapdeal has a huge range to offer!

Complete your work/formal look with slip-on shoes for women

If you are looking for the ideal pair of shoes to add to your work wear – Slip-on Shoes should be your call!

Loafers or slip-on shoes can beautifully compliment your formal look. While they are comfortable to wear, they are pocket friendly too and can be a bold choice. Furthermore, because there is no need to tie the shoelaces, loafers always win the race.

You can find innumerable options of slip-on shoes in the market, if you are going for a lowkey work look you can snag a pair of classic white slip-on shoes to match your vibe & if you want to pull off a classy formal look, leather slip -on shoes for women will be your perfect companion!

Next time when you hesitate to add shoes to your formal look, remember how life is all about making one-of-a-kind choices! 

Wear comfortable shoes with your heavy lehenga look

Carrying a lehenga on any occasion can be very tiresome! Especially if you have to wear it for a prolonged period. Why add on the pain with those high heels when you can add a pair of shoes for women and still look pretty? 

If your lehenga is flared and hides your feet, then you can add your most comfortable pair of shoes to the outfit. Not only will it help you carry your outfit easily but it will also add to your confidence because comfort & confidence goes hand-in hand!

On the other hand, if you are wearing an A-line lehenga or a long skirt that does not conceal your feet, make your choice wisely and do consider factors like – the print and the color tone of the outfit before adding the right shoes.

Pro tip- You can add a pair of juttis (also a type of shoe) to such ethnic outfits, which are as elegant and comfortable.


Shoes can be the perfect sole-mate for every walk of life! (pun intended).

However, when it comes to buying shoes before anything else, focus on your comfort. You don’t want to wear shoes that will cause you pain and blisters later in the day. However, ladies don’t hesitate to make a bold fashion statement every now & then because, in the end, you live by the choices you make!

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FAQS – Shoes for women

Which shoes are in trend right now?

White sneakers or white canvas shoes are a part of every fashion blogger’s must-have footwear list these days. White shoes are bright, tidy, and a genuine standout in a world where black or brown shoes are seen as the more reasonable – but not particularly exciting – choice of the majority. They remain one of the most intriguing (and surprisingly flexible) additions to any outfit. They can be your go-to footwear for literally anything & everything.
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Where can I buy cheap shoes online?

Snapdeal is one of the best e-commerce websites to find quality products at the lowest price. You can easily find many affordable options in shoes here.
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