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Plan Your Perfect Road Trip

Plan Your Perfect Road Trip

Doesn’t the lure of open wide roads and the promise of a change of scenery make you want to load up your car and just go someplace? There is something about road trips that is extremely enticing. In order to enjoy your road trip it is important that you plan it properly for you don’t ...

Don't Drink & Drive

Driving drunk is not just something to read about in the papers. It’s not to be dismissed. It’s not to be taken lightly. It’s not be passive about. Why? For the simple reason- it not only puts you in jeopardy, but also plays with others’ lives. Stop doing it. Stop others from doing it. Stop it altogether.  

How to maintain beautiful hair this winter

How to maintain beautiful hair this winter

With winter finally setting in, the nip in the air might have made the atmosphere pleasant by putting an end to all the sun damage resulting madness but you can now be ready to say hello to hair troubles like frizz, static and so on, courtesy the dryness in the air. The ravages of winter and ...

We love you Vishy! #CarlsenAnand #ArzKiyaHai

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The defending World Chess Champion, Norway’s Magnus Carlsen retains his position at No. 1 after beating India’s Vishwanathan Anand. The score was all tied till half way through the tournament, when in game 7 Magnus took a one-point lead and finally ended with a 6.5 - 4.5 score after Game 11 over the Indian Grandmaster. ...

Powerful or positive parenting - the choice is yours

When I was in my teens, my mother would often share her childhood stories of her being scared of her father. I would find it too strange because for me, it was very difficult to believe that a kid can be afraid of his parents to this extent. But later on, some of my friends ...

Fashion Week Playback – Chapter 9

Fashion Week Playback - Chapter 9

What’s in your wardrobe should now be on the street! Your ‘hood’ style today equals modern runway and how! What makes street fashion exemplary is the element of interpretation that it brings to fashion, not to mention its ability of self-expression that could potentially start a fashion revolution of its own and vice-versa! What’s street ...

Fashion Week Playback – Chapter 8

Fashion Week Playback - Chapter 8

The Jacket Squad With the November chill setting in, the time is perfect to indulge in a few key pieces for winter. Bundle up in stylish bombers and edgy leather numbers by Geisha Designs and Annaika. Go elegant with long jackets; designer Josh Goraya’s holographic print will instantly brighten up a cold winter afternoon and Ashish ...

Arz Kiya Hai Nov 21 Blog

Afrojack released a new album Forget The World, 6 months ago, which has been creating quite a buzz since. The electro-house prodigy comes to India this winter. Fans are patiently (not so much) waiting.

Fashion Week Playback – Chapter 7

Fashion Week Playback - Chapter 7

  When it came to shoes, it was a no holds barred affair. From hand-made Nike sneakers at Aneeth Arora, pool slides at 431-88 by Shweta Kapur, PVC loafers at Sneha Arora and Swarovski studded sandals at Sanchita – every kind was spotted. The accessories wowed us as well. Ornate kamarbandhs at Poonam Dubey’s show, metal ...


Enables consumers to shop for a wide range of region-specific jewellery from various parts of India  Snapdeal.com, India’s largest online marketplace now offers the widest range of crafted jewellery from different regions of the country. The newly launched “Regional Jewellery Store” brings together the most diverse collection of jewellery handpicked from 11 states with 6000+ varied ...