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After rolling out Aakash tablet, the cheapest tablet ever made to facilitate education, its manufacturer Datawind is planning to earn some shelf space in commercial market as well. It has come up with new and advanced Datawind 10Ci tablet that gels with the lifestyle of today’s user. The good news is that though the company ...

Datawind 3G 10: Low Price, High Quality


Indian consumer has always had a price sensitive approach when it comes to buying a gadget. Understanding this psyche of the customer, Datawind, a Canada based tablet manufacturer has come up with Datawind 3G 10 tab. This inexpensive tablet gives you all the facilities that a smartphone offers along with capabilities of running computer softwares. Datawind ...

This festive season calls for a Salebration

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The year might be ending soon, but the celebrations have just begun. It’s time to unhook yourself from your busy day and shop your heart out. And maybe your wallet too. Go rejoice with a sale that’s an excuse for shopping. While the Salebration lasts.

Fashion Quote of the Day – Miuccia Prada

Fashion Quote of the Day

Miuccia Prada Granddaughter of Mario Prada (who started the label ‘Prada’ in 1913), Miuccia Prada took over the family business in 1978 and revived the company to turn it into the fashion powerhouse that it is today. What sets her apart is her seeming disregard for the fashion industry. A trailblazer, she has been always one ...

Say Hello To Carlton!

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This will especially interest all you frequent flyers out there. The latest news in terms of exciting new collaborations, is the association between London based Carlton Luggage and Snapdeal.com. Carlton Luggage, established in 1976 in London has been creating high-end bags and luggage since its inception. Today the brand aims to arm passionate young globetrotters who ...

How excited are you for Roy?

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A debutante director, Vicky Singh brings you an all new movie that is a love triangle between a thief, a film maker and the lead actress in a double role. Intrigued? If not, you will be when you hear the star cast. Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline Fernandes and our very own Ranbir Kapoor as Roy. Well, it ...

Honey, Have Honey

Honey, Have Honey

I think honey is one of those things that we Indians swear by its curing and numerous health benefits. This wondrous bee product can literally be used from head to toe. Like literally. From sore throat to cough and cold, from hair mask to full body or face mask, from weight loss to stronger immune ...

Thumbs up to a drug free India

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#DrugFreeIndia is the need of the hour. We can't let a youngster fall prey to this journey of destruction. Together we can make a difference.

Music Fests in India

A wise man once said ‘If music be the food of love, play on.’ Music transcends the boundaries of culture, tradition, languages...  Visit beautiful locales, watch popular and upcoming artists perform live, listen to some great, soul-quenching music, meet and yap yap yap (about music, what else) with like-minded music lovers, headbang some and enjoy ...

Budget-Friendly Ways To Dress Up Your Walls

Budget Friendly ways to decorate your wall

Bored of staring at empty walls in your house? There is so much you can do to bring flair and style to your space by dressing up your walls. Spruce up your bare walls with colour and creativity without splurging a fortune. Here’s how! CREATE A GALLERY WALL It is about time you got your favourite photos ...