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Snapdeal is like my family away from home

I completed my graduation in 2017. Snapdeal was my first interview ever. I was very nervous as this was the first job I had ever applied for. Snapdeal has been my dream company and getting selected meant a lot. The person who interviewed me made sure I was not anxious. He wanted me to give my best. I felt an instant connect.

Within the first few months, my manager acknowledged my hard work and performance. I was soon engaged in many other service critical tasks. Soon after, I found myself taking the responsibility of managing a team, giving presentations and reports. Within 5 months, I was awarded the “Employee of the Month”.

One of the best things about working here is the pool of available opportunities across functions. Snapdeal respects and nurtures the learning attitude. Seniors work closely to identify strengths, hone skills and build new capabilities.

The high energy environment at work is so addictive that I did not go back home for the Diwali break last year. My parents have supported my commitment to work. I look forward to going back to work every morning. Working with Snapdeal has taught me to respect various perspectives.

It’s an amazing feeling to walk into the cafeteria and have so many faces across hierarchies to meet. Snapdeal for me is like my family away from home.

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