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When you work at a company that makes a difference, you make a difference. Everyday.

While I was growing up, my friend’s father was my inspiration. He was a doctor by profession, and was extremely good with people. His charming personality and helpful nature was something that I wanted to absorb when I grow up. As years rolled by, I did everything to fight away my shyness and step out of the shadows . While I was studying, I got an opportunity to work with a BPO. This was a completely new world for me.  I live in a joint family and my cousins were my world and my closest friends. I had never been an outgoing person and here I was sitting on my desk interacting and talking to people I did not even know! I worked in the industry for 5 years, before I got an opportunity in Snapdeal. I joined as a Trainer in the customer experience team. With Snapdeal, I have found a new me.

The work environment at Snapdeal is very unique. It is a wonderful blend of a startup world and an established company. The workspace gives you the freedom to think differently and beyond the obvious. It is very empowering when you know that you can speak your mind, share new ideas and the leaders will support you with all that you need. Snapdeal, by virtue of how it is structured teaches you ownership. In my previous assignments, I had a very limited learning context, but with Snapdeal I got the opportunity to understand the nuances of what makes a complete process. I was supported in my endeavours, and was taught a better way to do things by my seniors at the company. They helped me to experience the importance of my work, and how it positively affects the larger objective of being a customer centric and seller’s experience oriented technology company. It feels great when you know you are working on projects that impact the customer and seller experience directly. This is one of the most powerful things I have experienced at Snapdeal – the ability to make a difference everyday.

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