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Introducing Instant Seller Sign-up

We’re happy to introduce industry’s first Instant Seller Sign-up feature to offer a seamless onboarding process for sellers on our platform.

Under this tech-enabled initiative, sellers need to simply provide their GST Identification Number (GSTIN) and other key seller details will be auto-populated using tech integration with the government’s GST network.

Instant Seller Sign-up feature is a transformative tool because the use of automated GSTIN verification process eliminates all manual verification steps. This will lead to a significant drop in the instances of seller rejection in the onboarding process.

In the earlier process, any errors made in manually filling in key details like PAN, company name, address etc would’ve led to a rejection of the on-boarding attempt by the seller.

In addition to their GSTIN, sellers need to only provide basic information like contact details, email and bank account details in which they will receive payments.

Seller experience is a key parameter that we track. With this automation, the time taken for seller sign-up will reduce from 28 hours to less than a minute. New sellers can now start their sales on Snapdeal within 10 minutes of sign up.

Sellers can now instantly sign up on Snapdeal and start selling without needing to make any investment in technology, logistics or payments. As a genuine marketplace, we do not hold any inventory or own any private labels. By doing this we ensure that all sellers have a level playing on Snapdeal.

This latest initiative will speed up the onboarding process for sellers on Snapdeal and will provide new sellers a swift and seamless start to their digital commerce endeavors.

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