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My Business has grown by 200% in the last 1 year with Snapdeal

Bringing to you the inspiring story of Mr. Aman Saudagar who dared to move to the city without his family when he was only 14 years old.  He was committed to build a better quality of life for himself. His journey from a inverter mechanic to a successful businessman is heartening and inspiring. This self made man made the most of every opportunity that came along his way.  His inherent virtues of simplicity and humility enabled him to tread the path undeterred by challenges. He struggled hard and worked his way up the ladder with agility and foresight. This Snapdeal seller has grown to be a brand known nationally. He has also been a recipient of the Snapdeal Seller Excellence Gold Certificate for his great performance in the quarter.

I came to Delhi from my village with Rs 17 in my pocket

My family lives in a small village near Jhansi called Mauranipur. With the hope of finding a better living for myself, I moved to Delhi along with 4 of my friends. I was only 14 years old then. With Rs. 17 in my pocket, life in the big city looked very daunting. With great difficulty, I managed to find a job as an inverter mechanic with a monthly pay of Rs 1700.  I worked hard day and night and was fortunate to have made great relationships along the way. But with just a Rs 400 raise over 2 years, I realised there was much more I needed to do. I took on freelancing repair assignments,  which gave me good returns and this looked like a great opportunity to earn a better living. I soon quit my job and set up my own shop for repair work. The market took a natural course and many inverter sellers ventured into the industry of water purifiers. In our quest to make the most of every opportunity that came along, we too started assembling and installing water purifiers. Our offline business soon faced stiff competition from online brands and our sales started to dip.  This is when we were advised by our well wishers to explore the online space, and we finally decided to take the plunge in 2015.

I got my first order within 10 minutes of going live on Snapdeal

My friends in the industry suggested that I register on Snapdeal. Moments after I completed the documentation formalities on the portal, I got a call from the Snapdeal sellers help team who assisted me in the entire process and enabled a swift upload of my product. To my surprise, within 10 minutes of the product going live, I received my first order. This was almost unbelievable! The next day brought along 22 orders of the same product. I was delighted to embrace this new energy in the business. We have been able to offer competitive pricing to our customers as the online business has really helped us to optimise our operational cost. We can now forecast our sales and plan for festive promotions.

Snapdeal empowers entrepreneurs

The best thing with Snapdeal is the super easy listing process. This ease inspired confidence in me as I was completely new to the digital world. The hope that Snapdeal gave me with the numbers enabled me to take credit from people I knew in the industry.  Their support was important to help me keep pace with the orders I had started to receive. The account managers work closely like Business partners assisting us. They helped us with positioning to build a brand that was new but very promising. The data analytics available on the sellers portal enables us plan inventory and manage pricing.  This empowerment has helped us to manage our business intelligently. Snapdeal payments are fast and prompt. This has been key to keep the capital rotating in the business.

With the current run rate, we expect our revenue to touch 2 Cr by March 2019

Our growth on Snapdeal has been great! In the last 1 year, my business has grown by 200%! We ship more than 300-350 orders every month. Our revenue crossed 1 crore in 2017 and in April we touched Rs 1.5 crores. The pace with which we are growing, I am confident that our business will be able to cross Rs 2 crore by March 2019.  I couldn’t have imagined this exponential growth for my business had Snapdeal not held my hand at the time I needed them the most. Their partnership has not only given me the confidence to build a brand of my own but also the power to manage my life better. With them, I have been able to earn and save enough to buy 4 properties of my own without any bank credit.

Snapdeal Seller Excellence Gold Certificate is a testimony of my success today

We have always ensured our focus on quality and high customer service and we are glad that Snapdeal recognises the same. We were recently awarded the Snapdeal Seller Excellence Gold Award for our quarterly performance. This acknowledgment has been overwhelming for me as I recall my journey from Rs 17 to crores. The certificate is a testimony of my success. With the help of Snapdeal I am a brand known nationally today.  I am who I am only because of Snapdeal!

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